Judi Bradford Designs
Arashi Shibori Silk Scarves
My hand-pleated silk scarves are dyed in jewel tone colors, often gilded with metallic and iridescent dyes and "fire-veined" in a process she developed.  The movement of light over the billowing ridges creates an incredibly seductive organic visual.

Tossing one of these around your neck or shoulders builds a stunning look, whether it's over a little black dress or jeans and a blazer.

The most popular color series range from Conch Pearl in peach and lavender; Tequila Sunrise in orange, red and gold; Champagne Mimosa in greys and honey yellows; to Gulfstream Blues.  Any color combination is available, including black and white and grey.

The scarves make a perfect gift for your fashion conscious friends, family and business associates.

Caring for your scarf is simple.  Store it lightly coiled in a sealed plastic bag -- that will protect it from humidity. Leave some air in the bag to provide a cushion that prevents unwanted folds or creases. Needless to say, you don't want to pile things on top of it that may crush it.  Water will cause the pleats to relax so washing the scarf, which is seldom necessary, will change the nature of it.  Often they are just as beautiful when ironed flat, but they can be repleated for a nominal fee.
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