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Posted on March 31st, 2016

Up until now, my hats have all been one-of-a-kinds.  This season I am setting up a collection of styles that I will make multiples of.  These can be customized in color.  The photo here shows three versions of my "Bumblebee" straw hat.  For sales, see my Etsy page: Judibradford.Etsy.com

Posted on March 31st, 2016

Experimentation with the various Shibori dying processes led to these new silk sculptures: Sea Creature 1 and Sea Creature 2.  Very ethereal.

Posted on November 18th, 2015

This scarf, "Raspberry Crest" is a Fashion Accessories finalist in the 2016 Niche Awards.  The winner in each category will be announced in January. Sponsored by NICHE Magazine, the NICHE Awards program began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. Artists are recognized in both professional and student divisions.

I am quite honored to be among the finalists and I am awed by my competition.  As a finalist, my piece will appear in the the NICHE Magazine among some of the finest crafts in North America.

This "Scarlet Macaw" veiled hat is on its way to the ENDANGERED ART 4 APES show at Miami Club Rum in the Wynwood Art District during Art Basel Miami week.

It is executed in multiple red toned rosettes and has three veils!  The front veil is merry widow veiling; a shoulder length tulle veil is studded with organza flower petals and crowned with a stiffened tulle crest.


This white tulle bridal hat with grey rooster tail feathers was featured in a fashion shoot this summer for Enchanted Bride Magazine.  One of my bridal headpieces appeared in the summer South Florida edition and the photos from this shoot will be in the winter edition coming out soon.

The location was the elegant Truman Little White House in Key West and it was an impressive array of wedding caterers, stylists, coordinators, photographers and extras.  I can't wait to see the final layout.

Posted on July 23rd, 2015

by Judi on July 17th, 2015

Summer has come and for the first time in years I am not traveling the eastern seaboard doing fine craft festivals.

It is very luxurious to spend a lazy summer in my hometown of Key West, where it is hot, steamy and dreamy.

But it’s not all frivolous.  I have moved my studio from the old Key West Armory to the new Studios of Key West home in the former Masonic Lodge at the corner of Simonton and Eaton Streets.  My studio is on the third floor in the farthest corner of the building from the elevator.  An elevator!  What  a wonderful thing is an elevator! (The stairs are also lovely!)


The new TSKW building is fabulous, with brilliant color accents and stunning spaces for exhibitions.

(Prints are available of this photo @ $25)
My studio with my striped teal wall.
My scarf display.
The working area.
One of my newest shibori hand dyed and pleated scarves.

Several of my clients are wearing my scarves as turbans and I am stunned at how wonderfully they convert to headwear!  They are quite a bit of fun to wear, and really make a statement.   

Hats have not been forgotten.  I just finished the first straw hat I have done since I went to England to study with three fabulous British milliners.  I can recreate it with different fabric trims, so  it can be customized for individual outfits or color themes. 

In the absence of the craft festivals, I have been increasing my Etsy Store presence and promoting it through Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  It’s funny how much it thrills me when I get new Twitter followers.
Mostly, though I am looking for one or two choice boutiques to carry my hats and/or scarves.  If you know of a shop that would be a good match-up, please let me know and I will follow up with the owner or manager.
Check out my newest items at JudiBradford.Etsy.com, Judi Bradford Artwork on FaceBook, and on Twitter @JudiBradford.