From the Intro:
The Trees of Whitehead Street in Key West remember the island's first settlers.  Some shaded Commodore Porter as he pondered ways to rout the pirates from the keys.
John James Audubon peered into these majestic trees looking for white crowned pigeons and Key West quail doves.
These trees ducked many storms, watched over steamships chugging to Cuba and Charleston carrying mail, produce, sugar  and rum. They cringed as fires raged through the early parts of town.  The saw ship captains racing to the reef to salvage wrecks; they saw presidents and diplomats, wars, treasure seekers, celebrities and poets.
Jose Abreu, whom I used to chat with in random encounters at the Post Office, told me cattle were unloaded on Thursdays in the harbor and driven up Whitehead Street to pens across "Division Street" (now Truman Avenue).  He said milk was delivered by walking the cows around.  If you wanted milk, you left a jug on the step.  (How many blocks per cow, I wonder?)
If you look closely at these trees, you will notice they have some secrets.  They fondly entangle their limbs and sweep vines off their roots to waltz. I am almost certain the Poincianas jig when we are not looking.  Let me take you for a walk and show you what I mean.
--This is from the 2009 edition of the book.  Many of the trees have been cut down to accommodate utility wires or building construction, or to assuage resident concerns about their danger of falling or dropping messy leaves and fruit. Currently there are only two books available.  
Amazon Review: If you live in Key West or like to spend time there, Lizardlix is an indespensible guide to the city you never saw. It hilariously illustrates the culture and politics of Key West as it was becoming the place it is today. I had a great time reading Lizard Licks; I learned all about the local culture, corruption, characters and attitude in the fresh and edgy way one can only get from a cartoonist. Judi Bradford's book is a pleasing read both for those who are intimate with Key West and those who are just getting to know it.  -- Nick Patchett

Limited Edition Artist Books

Illustrated accordion books on the nature and history of DeLand Fl and on the quirky and dreamy aspects of Key West and the Florida Keys.  These are reproductions of one-of-a-kind artist made books.  Key West book is 5" square; DeLand is 3 x 4".
Books are available from the artist while they last at $12 plus shipping.  Wholesale available too.


Books, comics, menus, cards, wall graphics are among the items I have had the joy to design.  Here is a small sampling. There are hundreds.  They can be available as prints and wall graphics.  Contact me for details.
Bubble bike
Penguin reading the news
angus and edmond
Giraffe drinking
Urban Chicken
angus and edmond toboggan